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Key Steps In The Divorce Process

Key Steps In The Divorce Process

For couples that are getting a divorce in San Antonio, they’ll generally go through six different steps. All divorce cases are unique, so not all of the steps below will apply to your divorce case, but most will occur in some way. When you are getting a divorce, you should hire a San Antonio divorce lawyer who has a great deal of experience with family law cases and knows what your rights are.San Antonio Divorce Attorneys

Filing For Divorce

For the divorce process to begin, it must start off with one person filing for divorce. The spouse who has filed for the divorce (known as the petitioner) must serve the divorce petition to the other spouse (who is referred to as the respondent). The petition can be 1 – 50 pages or more, it all depends on what you require from the divorce – child custody, distribution of shared property, etc. The respondent can be served the petition in two ways; by a local sheriff or by post. When they have received the petition, there is a set date that they must respond by, this is usually 20 days after the request is served.

Unless you are acting as your own lawyer, you don’t have to sign the petition. However, if you want to review the document before it’s filed and served to your spouse, you must let your lawyer know. By law, certain information is required on the request. When it comes to initiating the divorce with a petition, you must carefully consider what manner you use as this can influence the mood for the rest of the case. Your attorney will […]